We're excited to have just finished recording, mixing, and mastering the debut EP for Soldotna.  Soldotna features Hannah Wang on vocals and guitar, Nesrine Majzoub on vocals and guitar, Dylan Rohrer on drums, and Kyle Agot on bass.  Nesrine and Hannah are both accomplished musicians, bringing their considerable talents in songwriting, singing, arranging, and performing to the group.  In every song they back each other up with well crafted harmonies, and also write catchy, rhythmic guitar hooks.  Kyle lays a firm foundation with his bass lines, and Dylan provides a rock solid groove on the drums.  The drums you hear on the EP are performances by Dylan from start to finish in one take, with zero editing and almost no punch ins, showing real ability in an era when many young players rely on quantization and editing tricks when recording.  

It's a great debut from a very talented group of players, we can't wait to hear more songs from them.